As a designer and craftsman, I believe that various humans have many great capabilities which can be activated, enabled and inspired by design. Heading to an engaging, fulfilling and conscious way of living.

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Since my new website is in progress I want to tell you here in a few words what I'm busy with at the moment and mainly what drives me to do what I do.

Social- and material engagement plays a big role in my work and life.




** As a trained master craftsman in cabinet making I see a chance to use craftwork as a medium for social interaction and a way to enable people to influence their environment. Guidance tools + a set of workpieces + a strategy of activation allows young-, handicapped or old people to be part of a process of making in an organisational context or in privat. The project is in the state of developement. I'm happy that Festool , Rampa and Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries trust and support my contribution. And Reinaerde which is a partner in continuing our research and case-study. Here you can find a little impression video World Design Embassies


** The time during the covid-19 restrictions made my friend and me think about a bench which encourages people to extend their personal livingroom and experience the urban enviroment with a carry bench which can be made by a local craftsman or constructed following the provided manual.


** So many cars still driving with too many empty seats... As a union of many initiatives  we are aiming for a better accessibility and safety in ride-sharing. I'm part of the union with the project /  We just form a collective since it's a great importance to collaborate with serveral initiatives


** For making use of great urban environments and bring movement and joy to the locked-down life I'm working on an mobile urban swing set. -more details soon.


** 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht' - becomes 'Mensch ändere dich nicht' an the classic board-game experienced a change in the structure by

de-construction. The players become the responsibility to re-construct and re-form the field and the rules.



** We share a similar intention and want to bring them into action, that's why a few friends and me just teamed-up and started talking an being together..


** To address topics about consumption and engagement through objects and installation. Interfaces clashing in and is showing the irony of uselessness. By questioning various way of engaging with an ikea stool IKEA 2.0 –make and IKEA 2.0 –assemble helped me to understand qualities of the impact of making and assembling. Tandem-Tools proposing to look at tools in a way to create more guidance in a making process. is looking at how empathy can triggered. I'm willing to find a way to let these work speak in exhibitions or other contexts.


** By re-considering different ways of how we get our daily goods, I was wondering how we can re-activate the traditional structures of German „Tante Emma“ stores. To me, a grocery store needs to become more of a museum and a special display of local farmers and produces. These and more aspects went into the „System Emma“.


** Secondhand goods mostly still have a great value. Since a simple change of contexts can influence the value of the goods the secondhand label and the shelving system helps to give used goods a worthy stage and space.


** In order to give an occupational therapist and a client, a tool to collaborate to create a supportive device or prosthesis together the tool helps to use 3D printing and clay to share, replicate and share self-designed prosthesis.


** Next academic steps, should help me deepen my curiosity about researching the topic design for/by openness and engagement with applied design projects I'm doing.





Feel a warm welcome to leave me a message via

e-mail or give me a call +49 179 80 212 47 ...or even better let's go for a drink or walk in Utrecht, Eindhoven or Stuttgart, this is where I'm located right now.

I graduated as a Mastercraftman at Fachschule für Holztechnik Stuttgart, Bachelor in Productdesign at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and from the Masters in Socialdesign at the Design Acedemy Eindhoven.


We can be also friends in instagram, twitter, linkedin or facebook in order to learn from our networks. I'm using instagram-stories to give some impressions about my daily activities.


To publish some of my work I'm also posting videos on youtube and vimeo. And for print documentations issuu.



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As a designer and craftsman, I truly believe that we need to shape interactions and connections for a better understanding and new behavior.

Connecting humans and materials through concepts of engagement carry the potentials to give us an attractive alternative to the status quo.





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