I like to be a  processdesigner who think outside of the industial design box.

helping generate human and ecological well-being. I feel a social, ecological and moral responsibility in my work.


I want  to connect with people from different cultures and professions: to learn about their life and work. A designer must develop a deep understanding of who the customer is and how they live. I’m fascinated by human interactions and also classic mechanical principals for products. Keep it simple and smart.




I'm inspired and impressed from these great people:


Victor Papanek

Dieter Rams

Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Martin Luther King

Greg Graffin



"We have enough products. We need new structures for changing our behaviour."

Dieter Rams


"Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must

be revolutionary and radical."

Victor Papanek


"The Sun still shines."

Sophia Magdalena Scholl


"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind."

Martin Luther King




Profession and responsibility

study - ecology - social behavior - foundations - art



Profession and vocation, taking responsibility

The following categories show the motivation that can be found in my projects. Design is everything we do. Everyday“and Good design is invisible.“ ...

...are good quotes, that describe my design thinking.









By taking a closer look at structures in terms of production, materials, and human behavior in daily life, recyclingcan be recognized and improved. Projects begin with the study of one`s surroundings.





Because of the limited condition of our natural ressources it is really important to me that commodities are used appropriately and with discretion. I do not support society exhausting those resources. While developing new products it is essential for me to consider the theory of „cradle-to-cradle“ Projects with ecological benefits.



Social behavior


To give people in disadvantaged conditions a better life through products and systems. Making alternatives more attractive. Projects addressing aspects of social behavior.





By taking a closer look at physical and mechanic processes and laws you are able to look at details that can be used in different application fields. Keeping problems abstract is a great conduit for free and unconfined work.

Projects based on foundations.






Projects with an artistic approach.



a good circle



A systematic and methodic approach is a good guideline to me. This gives a golden thread to all of my projects and helps me to think out of the box. Each step and every phase in this process is important. Nevertheless it is a dynamic process in which you are looking back and forth from time to time.






















Studying and understanding of problems and systems. Creating concepts trough experiences and knowledge, which then lead to appropriate solutions. Checking functions with models and presenting products or processes confidently and appropriate in the end of the project.



User centricity is in each part of the methodology the most important aspect.




Recognizing a problem or getting an assignment



Getting in touch with the topic



Analysing results of the research and defining an aim



Determination of concepts and thoughts



Realising drafts and solving problems



Presenting results the right way




























































2005 - 2008    Carpentry Reinhardt | Apprenticeship diploma


06-12/ 2008   Carpentry Reinhardt, Renningen

01-03/ 2009   Internship in Italy, Progetto Leonardo


05-12/ 2009   Wood workshop Philippin, Leonberg

04-09/ 2010   Modus Product Design, S–Zuffenhausen (Intern)

09-12/ 2014   Bootschaft Crew for Design, Ulm (Intern)

05-08/ 2015   Binners'project, Vancouver (Intern)

10-2015-        Bosch User Experience and Design (Intern/ Working Student)





2010 – 2012     Technical college Stuttgart

04/ 2011          Internship Lebenshilfe Stuttgart

07-08/ 2011     Furniture project in Brasil

July 2011         Instructor examination

July 2012         Interior designer      Sept. 2012  Master carpenter (HWK)

July 2012         Advanced technical certificate


since  2012      HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd - Product design

01-05 2015      Emily Carr University Vancouver

08-09 2015      University of British Columbia





2013-2014       President of the students parliament

2013-2014       Students representative in the university senate

since 2012       Gerneral Students‘ Committee

2013-2014       Appeals commission

2013-2014       Application advisory

since 2013      Universityspeaker Association of German Industrial Designers

since 2013      Teamleader of a private studentworkshop


Chainsaw carving


Climbing, mountaineering, snowshoeing

Trail biking



TSM mashine workshop 1-3, TSO surface class Sindelfingen

Concrete casting workshop; Company Bayer, Blaubeuren

Welding class, Robert-Bosch-Schule Stuttgart

Refa-education in quality management und statistics, Stuttgart

Seminar about safety and healthiness, Stuttgart

Qualification to a youth group leader, Leonberg

Chainsaw creative workshop, Rosenfeld


Prizewinner, Special Competition for Student Design, 2008

First Prize, Best Design, Master Joiner Dipoma Piece, 2012

Silver Prize, County Guild of Joiners, 2012

First Prize, Hama Design Student Award, 2013

First Prize for Special Talent in Joinery

Bursary from the German Foundation for Students, 2014

Mia-Seeger Prize, Design Centre, Stuttgart, 2014

First Prize AKG-Inspired Award 2014

Yooweedoo Idea Award 2015

Young Designer Award- Association of German Industrial Designers 2015

IF Public Value Award 2016


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